How to Find the Right Website Designer in Kenya

Website Designer in Kenya

When it comes to searching for a talented and competent website designer in Kenya, I feel your pain.Finding an affordable pro who knows what their doing can be terribly difficult. Creating a website for your business is now a necessity and what you should be thinking about is how to get the best web designer. This […]

10 Best Ways to Promote Your New Business Website in Kenya

Business Website in Kenya

Congrats on launching your new Business Website in Kenya — now you’re ready to get your name and brand out there and then attract potential customers (If you’re still looking to build a site, Claim a FREE Homepage Mockup of your new website before you pay for anything.) The following article will walk you through […]

How Much Does A Website Cost in Kenya? (2023 Estimates)

website cost in kenya

One of the most common questions we hear from our customers is: “How much does a website cost in Kenya?” We’re here to answer that question, and help you put your money where it matters. The COVID-19 pandemic has made those visiting physical stores minimize their visits. With fewer customers visiting the shops, it has […]