7 Proven ways to Find Graphic Design Jobs in Kenya

Graphic Design Jobs in Kenya

Competition for job opportunities is the norm in every career. Employment opportunities are becoming more elusive as Kenya produces more graduates, year in year out.

Hunting for graphic design jobs in Kenya is not any different. The demand never matches the supply. There are more graphic designers than jobs, which results in high competition for available jobs.

For you to stay ahead of the competition, you need to sharpen your skills and knowledge from time to time. Ensure that you are on par with the current developments in graphic design technology, as well as any new features being released.

As a graphic designer, you can decide to start your own firm where you will be sourcing for your clients, or get employed. Whatever way you choose to go, you will need a platform where you can quickly get your clients or jobs. These platforms save graphic designers the hassle of finding clients and jobs. Luckily, these platforms are now easily accessible, and you can search through their lists to help you get clients if you are working on your own or to finally pursue your fulltime career as a graphic designer.

Outlined below are some of the best places to find graphic design jobs in Kenya.

1.Brighter Monday

Brighter Monday a leading job portal platform where you can look for a graphic design job in Kenya. It boasts of being able to help you find the right position, boost your career, and be the best candidate. Employers post their job vacancies to this website with all the requirements and invite you to make an application if you are qualified.

graphic design jobs in kenya

On their website, there is a search feature where you are required to enter the job category you are interested in, your industry, and location. This gives you more specific results based on your choices. For example, in the job function, you can choose creative and design, then on the industry, select the sector you wish to work with like information technology. Proceed to select the location you want to work from.

Alternatively, you can create a profile on their website by filling in the simple form provided. This will allow you to get job alerts from the categories that you chose right into your email inbox. They also have a list of the available jobs on their website, so you can simply click on the job you are interested in.

2.Career Point Kenya

Career Point Kenya is one of the leading job portals in Kenya, where you can browse for the latest jobs. There are two main ways in which graphic designers in Kenya can access job opportunities. One way is going through the listed job opportunities on their website, then select the one you interested in.

graphic design jobs in kenya

They list job opportunities according to categories to help you have an easy time deciding. Alternatively, you can register on their site to enable you to receive job alerts in your email. There is a registration form on their website, where you fill your details then submit them. This allows them to send job alerts to your email daily.

Besides offering job opportunities, Career Point Kenya also provides courses and training as well as career guidance. If the courses they offer are valuable to you, you can book for their training through their website.

3.LinkedIn Jobs

LinkedIn is one of the most valuable sources of graphic design jobs. LinkedIn gives you the opportunity to showcase your expertise, skills, and job experience. Your connections can recommend a skill they feel you possess and this increases your chances of landing a job.

graphic design jobs in kenya

Millions of jobs are posted every day on this platform, so depending on your expectations and requirements, you can search for the best fit.

The first thing you need to do is to create your LinkedIn Profile, which stands out from the crowd and shows your skills, education, and qualifications. To search for a job on LinkedIn, click on the jobs’ icon at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. On the search jobs field, enter the job you are looking for like “graphic design” or the company you are looking for. LinkedIn also suggests job roles based on your qualifications, so you can select from the list if any matches what you are looking for. Enter your preferred location in the search location field then click on search.

At the top of the search results page, you can use the filter’s option to filter the results. If you wish to set job alerts, Switch on the job alert toggle once you’ve applied all the filters. To view the job description, click on the job posting and apply for the most suitable job. You can use the “easy apply” option, which lets you apply for the job on LinkedIn, or “apply,” which directs you to the company or a website where you can make the application.

4. Ihub.co.ke

IHub jobs board within the iHub website. iHub is a technology company that offers great and useful resources for entrepreneurs.

graphic design jobs in kenya

Once on their website, clock on “jobs.” You will be directed to a list of available jobs. If you click on any job posting, you will be directed to the application instructions. You will be taken to a third-party email where you can send your resume or get more information. 

5. Kuhustle.com

Kuhustle is mainly a freelancing job board. Kuhustle sources for jobs across the globe, list them on their website, and let qualified freelances bid for the most suitable jobs. This is a good site for freelance graphic designers or those doing it part-time.

graphic design jobs in kenya

For you to use Kuhustle, you must first sign up using either Gmail, Facebook, or Twitter on their website. Click on your profile and fill it in detail. It contains mandatory fields like skill, experience, and bio. On bio, introduce who you are and what you can do.

Purchase Kuhustle credits as you will need them to bid for jobs. Look for jobs that match your skill and experience, then submit a quote. Once a new job is posted on the Kuhusle website, you get a notification on the email you used to sign up.

6. Pigia Me

Pigiame is a platform that lists all types of jobs available in the market. It gives you various options to choose from like the kind of employment you re looking for, if full-time or part-time, the location you’d prefer, the type of job like admin, IT, and the like.

graphic design jobs in kenya

You don’t need to create an account with pigiame. Simply go to their website, click on jobs, then choose from the list provided. You can also search for a specific category like “graphic design,” using the search option.  

7. jiji.co.ke

The jiji.co.ke website offers free classifieds that allow a seller, like a graphic designer, to list their skills then call for clients, buyers to contact them for their services.

graphic design jobs in kenya

You can say what you do and how you are qualified, then state your price or ask them to contact you for a quote.

Final thoughts on finding Graphic Design Jobs in Kenya

Finding graphic design jobs in Kenya has been made easy by the above websites. A click through the websites will lead you to the available jobs. Ensure that your skills are up-to-date so as to stand a high chance of being selected. Remember that competition is high and how well you present yourself t the employer will determine your success in landing a job.

Written by Kigen

Written by Kigen

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