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Beautiful Social Media Graphics attracts
customers and keeps them coming back.

Captivating Social Media Design in Kenya

Upgrade the look of your social media with beautifully designed graphics!
CreativeKigen is the 1# choice for dazzling social media design in Kenya.

Beautiful typography

Beautiful typography

Communicate powerful ideas with the
perfect font combination

Iconic imagery

Iconic imagery

Handpicked HD Stock Images contextually relevant to your message

Professional theme

Professional theme

Flawlessly paired type and imagery that complement each other

Latest Social Graphic Portfolios – Year 2020

What You Can Get from a Reliable Social Media Designer in Kenya

So, what exactly can a social media designer create for you? Let’s see.

Profile Pictures

A great profile photo should look good and be recognized in your follower’s newsfeed

Images for Posts

Visually appealing attention-grabbing images correct in size for all of your social media accounts.

Cover Photos

Convey a message or tell a story about your brand to grab your visitors’ attention from the start


A powerful form of content you can use to boost engagement & traffic on your social networks.

YouTube Graphics

Speed up the growth of your channel with graphics like a channel art image, a profile photo & so on.

Digital Ads

When promoting a new product or a service, the image you use can make or break your ad

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