eCommerce Website Design in Kenya

Order this package and get a professional eCommerce website design in Kenya.

  • Focus on your business while we set up your shop
  • Payment Integration included
  • Free training on how to manage your online store

Delivery: 3-4 weeks maximum
Revisions: Unlimited
Format: WordPress

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What You Should Know About

eCommerce Website Design in Kenya

79% of Kenyan Customers Shop More Online ever Since the beginning of the Pandemic. This explains why its important for all Kenyan businesses to be online, where customers are spending most of their time.

Here’s the list of the top 4 reasons why you need an eCommerce website today.

1. Attract New Customers with Search

The immediate value-add of your site is attracting new customers. With eCommerce websites, this is done through a process called search engine optimization.
Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or a web page in a web search engine’s unpaid results.

Showing up in search results has incredible value for any type of business, and having an eCommerce website is the first step to results.

eCommerce Website Design in Kenya


2. Make Money Online

In all business, money is math. The more places you offer you products, the more chances you have to make sales. That’s is pretty straightforward.

Creating an online store opens up a whole new opportunity to generate revenue.

Not only will you have the sales that your physical business creates, but you’ll also have this new area of your business that will be generating additional sales online.

eCommerce Website Design in Kenya


3. Customer Convenience

As a business owner your focus cannot only rest on earning profits. Having an online eCommerce website will do wonders for your customer experience.

Customers can check necessary information like your store hours, phone number or address, which helps drive in-person sales.

Additionally, if customers are busy, move away or can’t get out to your store for another reason, the website provides the convenience of being able to shop from anywhere.

eCommerce Website Design in Kenya

4. Sell a wide range of products.

 Ecommerce Websites are capable of showcasing far more products than a bricks-and-mortar shop, and if you have a lot of different items on offer, an ecommerce site will probably be the single most efficient way for you to sell.

eCommerce Website Design in Kenya

Due to high competition in the online marketplace, you require an appealing eCommerce Website Design in Kenya to attract potential customers.

Below are features to expect if you decide hire me for your online shop project.

  • Product management
    I’ll create your first 10 product listings, maintain them for you and also train you how to add products yourself if you have a bigger range.
  • Payment and delivery
    Payment integration will be includes and I will give you recommendations of the delivery services in Kenya
  • SSL Secured Store
    To protect transactions and shows customers that your site is secure.
  • User friendly design
    To make sure your visitors have a great shopping experience.

Get eCommerce Website Design in Kenya

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