Printed Takeaway Food Bags in Kenya for Covenant Grill Restaurant

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Are you looking for Takeaway Food Bags in Kenya ?

Not a problem.

We’re here to work with you, one-on-one to create fantastic takeaway bags that are not only practical, but also stands out, gets attention, and ultimately helps to expand your business.

Takeaway bags are a great opportunity to Advertise your restaurant, Bar or Cafe and not the delivery service.

Investing in Branded Takeaway Food Bags in Kenya adds value to your restaurant

Many customers feel that products wrapped and presented in branded packaging such as our greaseproof paper and branded takeout bags deserve a slightly higher price tag, so it’s a great way of increasing your margin without having to upgrade your ingredients or change your menu in any way.

We deliver bespoke Takeaway Food Bags in Kenya that gives your restaurant a professional look.


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