Menu Design in Kenya for Jimlizer Hotel – Buruburu

Jimlizer hotel was looking to appetize their customers and increase more food sales. They contacted us to come up with the most attractive Menu Design in Kenya.

Heeding to the call we delivered the following menu engineering techniques to design a fascinating menu that fits the theme of the hotel as well as deliver the brand message.

  • High quality food images – to drive customers into ordering it

Menu Design in Kenya

  • Omitted currency signs  – to prevent customers from being overly aware of how much they’re spending.
  • Used boxes – to draw attention to a group of food menu items

Menu Design in Kenya

  • Effective typography – to communicate the hotel’s brand and result in a legible menu.

The new menu serves as amazing marketing material and brings more eyes to Jimlizer’s Signature Dishes!

They were so impressed and even tasked us to print the menus.

 Your search for menu designers in Kenya ends here. If you have questions about designing menu templates free consultation is available. We also do digital menu board design.