Logo Design in Kenya for Shambani

Shambani reached out to us for a logo design that leaves a lasting impression to their core audience.

As specialists for top-quality logo design in Kenya, we took up to the challenge and began with a relaxed, comprehensive, deep-dive discovery session.

Shambani is an online how-to guide, offering step-by-step Content on Crop Farming to Farmers in Kenya.

They were looking for a logo mark design that incorporates a matching symbol within the word “Shambani”

After a few design drafts we finally arrived to a “Leaf” symbol which closely resemble the letter “M” in the word shambani.

The final logo was delivered with a matching color scheme of Green Blue and Brown.

If you are to Jumpstart Your Business with the perfect logo design in Kenya, feel free to get in touch and we’ll work together to bring your brand idea to life.