5 Crazy ways Graphic Designers in Kenya Can Get Along with Digital Marketers.

Graphic Designers in Kenya

In today’s competitive business environment, graphic designers in Kenya has a significant role to play, especially in creating impressive marketing materials. Digital marketing in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds, but most digital marketers in Kenya have no idea how important graphic design is to their business. Every product or service that is promoted through digital marketing must be accompanied by the relevant visual elements, to get the attention of the audience. However, most digital marketers miss out on this. This is because they end up creating visuals that do not match with their content, a big put-off for potential clients. This is why any serious business or digital marketer should consider involving a graphic designer to add a contemporary flair to their advertisement.

The attention span of the average web user has become shorter due to the high availability of information in the digital landscape. The web user barely combs through digital channels, and this means that you have less than seven seconds to grab their attention. This is where a graphic designer will save the situation.

What is Graphic Designing?

Graphic design is a purposeful art with a creative and systematic plan to obtain specific objectives through images, symbols, or words. It uses different graphic elements and tools for visual communication and artistic expression of ideas. Graphic designers consider visual hierarchy and page layout techniques to create pictures and typography to meet users’ unique needs.

Why graphic designing is driving Digital Marketing

Digital marketing is mainly based on the delivery of both visual and informative content. Graphic designers in Kenya will turn your company’s ideas into realistic revelations that communicates to your target clients effectively. A stellar visual with brief content will do magic in getting your audience’s attention. Visuals are great at communicating a company’s personality to its potential customers, evoke emotions, and help you stand out among your competitors. They also help customers to take action and contact the company immediately.

Visual illustrations Create an Impact on Digital marketers

As social media grows and internet dependency increases, prospective clients are all over social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Linked, and more. They access these channels through their mobile devices as well as the Web. Graphic designers are, therefore, tasked with the responsibility of creating the best and in-demand graphics to get the attention of these prospective clients and influence them.

Quality designs will lead to increase conversions of leads. Consumer demands are on the increase in the internet space, and with high competition form similar businesses, creativity, and efficient designs will push your business beyond your competition. Unique images help your audience to connect with you and build a valued relationship which encourages discussions and shares. Attractive visuals ensure optimal reach and engagement between a company and its target audience. This makes it easy for an organization to sell their ideas to potential customers who can now figure out how that service or product will suit them.

Graphic design is an art of communication that strives to solve problems through images and creative work. It is an effective way of engaging customers, and digital marketers agree that it assists in building brand awareness and influences a customer’s decision-making process.

Attracting Website Traffic

Creative, innovative, and attractive designs drive traffic to your website, thus promoting it. When you keep updating your website with great graphics, its ranking on search engines will definitely improve,, leading to more site visitors. These graphics, together with a practical business sense,, will lead to improved business and profits. When a client encounters a company’s impressive advertisements, they will not be in a hurry to leave and may end up enquiring about the products.

Latest Graphic Design Trends

Graphic design is an area that has continually grown, and the growing customer needs always inspire new trends. While still keeping the graphic element intact, new inspiration design inputs have rocked the market, and here some of the latest trends to watch for.

  • Responsive Logos: Consumers are increasingly using mobile devices to browse the Web, and this means that your logo should remain the same, whether on a website or a mobile device. The logo is the primary representation of your brand and the tool that many of your customers remember you through. It is also what they identify with.
  • Semi-flat design: Shadows add depth and dimension to designs due to their large colors. This is a significant development from the previous drop-shadow.
  • Color transition: With the increase in flat design and gradient preference, the use of color transitions is dominating the market today. Color transitions are the modern application of vibrant, smooth, and the best designs with flat art aesthetics.
  • Custom graphics: There’s an increased demand for custom visual art and graphics due to the need for personalized imagery. The digital marketing space is shifting to this trend to meet the diverse needs of the customers.
  • Typography: Digital markets are shifting to artistic effects, big headlines, and enormous font sizes. This calls for graphic designers in Kenya to familiarize themselves with these fronts to meet the demands of the digital marketers in Kenya.

Digital marketer Mistakes on Design

Demand for digital marketers in Kenya has increased, and many people have rushed and paraded themselves as trustworthy digital marketers without the right skills. Most of them do not have the right skills and make lots of mistakes which they don’t even know. Even the most skilled digital marketers have found themselves in the mix, especially with the fast growth of the industry. Some of the mistakes they make include:

  • Creating social media posts without images
  • Failing to budget for images
  • Creating great content but not including images
  • Covering images with text
  • Using one image for multiple social media platforms and cropping it until it loses meaning
  • Not making your images mobile-friendly
  • Using fake stock images
  • Finding excuses for design work which is not compatible with a particular browser, platform or screen resolution
  • Using dramatic photos which are unrelated to their content
  • Failing to hire a graphic designer who understands their goals

The role of Graphic Designers to digital marketers

Graphic design uses visuals and informative content to turn a digital marketer’s ideas into realistic revelations that communicate effectively to their target clients. Their main aim is to attract more attention from potential customers. For you to succeed in digital marketing, you need catchy banners or advertisements which will get your customers interested. Graphic designers will help digital marketers in their work through the following ways.

1. Sales Enhancements

People are attracted to uniquely designed things, and a creatively designed advertisement is more likely to attract customers and boost sales. A quality design delivers the message more powerfully and authentically, making customers believe that they will also get quality services or goods. A unique logo design or a business card is likely to leave a great impression on people’s minds, a fact which brings people closer to your business.

2. They help you maintain customer trust

Digital marketing in Kenya has dramatically evolved, and today, everything is done online. Many people buy and sell everything from the various digital channels available. Communicating your brand’s message effectively is very vital to help your customers understand you and relate with your brand. Creating the right image of your brand will lead your client to trust your business more. Ensure that your visuals are readable and well understood. The best graphic designer in Kenya will help you create rich creative illustrations that will spur trust and confidence from your customers.

3. Convey the Brand Message 

Visuals or video can convey your brand’s information more than mere words. Graphic designers will help you convey your brand’s message in creative ways, which are catchy and memorable. They help bring out the complexity of your business through colors, sizes, shapes, and many other factors while providing accurate information. If you get a good graphic designer in Kenya, they can also reports, charts, and illustrations to communicate your business.

4. Professionalism

Graphic designers add to the professionalism of your business. A professional business includes a niche work of graphic designers in their marketing strategies. This is an effective way of creating more trust from your customers, which leads to increased sales. A logo conveys a message that words cannot describe. People tend to identify your business with your logo more than its slogan or mission statement. They will be quick to spot your products or services from any crowd due to their consistency and professionalism.

5. Increases Traffic

Attractive and engaging graphics make customers linger on a website page for longer. This will increase customer engagement, and some will not hesitate to share your information with others. People tend to trust referrals more than their own experiences, and with this, you will get more site visitors who can turn to buyers. When a graphic designer is involved in creating attractive graphics for your website, it will be an excellent opportunity for monetary achievements.


Digital marketing in Kenya has taken a more serious turn, and businesses are on the run to meet the demands of their customers. They must keep up with the latest digital trends in graphic design to ensure that they remain relevant and in business. Hiring a graphic designer will ensure that you get the best imagery and illustrations which are relevant to your company and which will increase traffic to your website as well as engagement.

Written by Kigen

Written by Kigen

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