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Are you a business owner trying to find the best graphic designer in Kenya?Or have you tried hiring one and encountered challenges along the way? Hiring a graphic designer can be a grueling task, especially now that there are so many professionals and freelancers. This makes most business owners abandon the process altogether. Some of the people who have tried hiring a graphic designer in Kenya may have been disappointed by the quality of work they received, making them shy away from hiring again. 

However, what you should know is that there are thousands of talented creative designers whom you have not yet discovered. What might hinder you from finding them is how and where you look for them. When hiring the best graphic designer in Kenya, you should put in mind that he/she should be a partner in your business. Why? Because he needs to listen to you, understand your business, and build a relationship that will spur your business growth. They should understand your brand identity which is what the customer uses to identify your business or how they perceive it. 

To get the right graphic designer, you need to first understand the importance of a logo or brand identity to your business. This is important because getting the wrong person for the job will affect the success of your business. Strive to hire a graphic designer who is able to get your ideas and implement them. 

Please note that getting the best graphic designer in Kenya is entirely dependent on you. After going through convincing portfolios from various designers, be it on freelancing sites or individual websites, you still need to sieve through them to come up with the best fit for your business. 

So then how do you hire the best graphic designer in Kenya? Below are five critical things you should know. 

5 Things to Consider When Hiring A Graphic Designer in Kenya

Budget and Time-Frame

Most of the professional designers in Kenya and other parts of the world work based on the client’s budget. The client’s budget is a great determinant of the time and energy that the designer will put towards researching a design project. It is important to set aside a design budget before your chosen graphic designer quotes their price. This will help determine the result of your work, its value, and an expectation of what you want to achieve. It then goes without saying that hiring a cheap designer will result in poorly researched work, and might end up costing you more in the long run. 

You should give your design project enough time to complete. Rushing it will lead to poor design and bad quality. A good graphic designer may take up to several months to formulate an effective design for your business or company. If they are handling something like a logo, they need to be careful so as to incorporate and maintain brand identity. That’s why even freelance graphic design takes around 2 weeks before concluding the final draft of a logo. 

For any graphic designer to make great conclusions on design work, they need to conduct proper research for both the brand and the designer. This takes time and needs not to be rushed.

Know the Type of Designer You Want

When a creative tells you that they are a graphic designer, it’s actually not clear what they do. This is because graphic design is a very broad term that goes beyond designing a logo. For you to hire the right designer for your project, you need to understand the different types of graphic designers. 

When it comes to Visual Art, Graphic Design is a general term where professionals create visual content to communicate messages. They use several creative services to create images. There are several types of designers based on their expertise. They include

· Logo designers

· 3D Graphic designers

· Web designers

· UI/UX designers

· Brand Identity experts or strategists

· Marketing materials or Packaging designers

· Motion designers

· Book designers

Considers the Designers Personal Brand

Like any other professional, a good graphic designer will have worked on their brand first before seeking to work with other brands. Before considering a graphic designer for your project, perform a quick search of their name on Google. Check their online content, as well as their social proof. What are people saying about his brand? What does he post about? How does his/her work influence others? Who does he/she interact with? 

These are important factors to put into consideration because your graphic designer is someone you want to build a relationship with. You have to be like-minded for him to be able to understand your brand and the direction you want it to take. Remember that he will be helping you build your brand identity therefore he should be in a position to understand your vision. This means you have to do your research thoroughly.

The Designers Portfolio

When looking for the best graphic designer in Kenya to work on your brand, their portfolio will speak volumes. Their style will tell you whether or not they will fit into your brand identity. Sometimes, the best graphic designer, with the best skill-set may fail to fil onto your own style. The best way to determine if a graphic designer is a good fit for you is to look into their offline and online portfolio. 

The best graphic designer in Kenya should have some level of experience and expertise. You can only prove this through both offline portfolios like PDFs, file images, slides, etc., and online portfolios like links and websites. Their past work will help you see their style and gauge if they are a good fit for what you are looking for. If you are looking to hire a graphic designer, for example, request links to websites they’ve worked on. Check their designs on any other place they’ve worked on and also see how people are commending about their designs on social platforms. 

Recommendation and Communication

Communication is key when it comes to the choice of a graphic designer. Someone who knows how to communicate their ideas, understand your brief, and voice it to you, someone who can understand your brand voice and tone and can explain what it entails to build a brand identity. A good graphic designer should have clear and transparent communication. The means of communication is entirely dependent on your preferences. 

You may decide to discuss your project design over the phone if that’s what’s works for you and your designer. If you prefer reading the design progress and feedback over messaging platforms or emails, let your designer know this and determine if they are comfortable with it. In doing this, you will be able to determine which design suits you and the resources you need. It is therefore very important to ask your potential graphic designer as many questions as possible to get all the details that you need from them. Let them know your preferred form of communication beforehand.

Recommendations from trusted friends are also a great way of getting a great graphic designer. Ask your friends or colleagues to refer you to someone who made their good logo. Let them give you the details of the designer like names, work ethic, turnaround time, etc. This is a great way of getting a graphic designer that you trust. 

Final thoughts on Hiring the Best Graphic Designer in Kenya

There you have it! Kenya has great graphic designers and it is up to you to look in the right places. You need to take your time and look around for the best creatives that will help you build your brand. Look for someone that can understand your brand story and incorporate it into your designs. Conducting good research is the best way to come up with the best choice.

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