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You are here because you understand a Logo is not just a symbol but an identity. An identity which is unique and suitable for the Kenyan market.

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So how well can we define Logo Design in Kenya?

Logos are part and parcel of us. We have them in our clothes, buildings, cars, mobile phones and other products that we purchase in our daily lives. Logos are designed by the companies that deal with the products that we come across, and therefore, we find them whenever we buy their products.


Logos are part and parcel of us. We have them in our clothes, buildings, cars, mobile phones and other products that we purchase in our daily lives. Logos are designed by the companies that deal with the products that we come across, and therefore, we find them whenever we buy their products.

What is a logo?

A logo is a symbol that is developed by a company so that it can describe the products of the company. Logos represent a concise image of the company as it brings out the picture of the company to potential customers that will provide a market to the products of the company.

A company uses logos because they are visually appealing to the customers. Each company has a unique logo that is part of the brand image of the company.

All companies wish to have the best brand image, and thus, logo design has become one challenging area in Kenya. From my point of view, I find it important to have the logo designed in a way that the customer will be happy with it. 

The History of Logo design in Kenya

Logo design in Kenya has evolved from the use of drawings and paintings by persons who are good in it to the use of online tools.

Many websites are offering easy to use tools in designing the logos at meager prices. This has made it easier for individuals to design their logos through the internet.

The logos that are designed online take a short time compared with the ones that are designed by agencies. An individual can design a company’s logo using the online tools in less than 1 hour.

This is better than having the logo designed by the agencies since they sometimes take longer than one week. This means that by designing the logo online, you will save a lot of time, and you will get a logo that is appealing to you.

The online tools that are used in designing logos in Kenya are simple to use since the sites have several templates for the individual to choose from. Once you’ve chosen a logo template that you like, you’ll be able to add your personal information to the design with the online design tools.

Online tools are very simple, and allow you to change colors according to your preferences, adjust the layout of your logo, add texts, and much more. Customizing the logo template is the key to having a unique logo.

There is also a sense of pride when you design your logo. Most business owners like having control over everything that they do, and branding is no exception. It is one of the essential things when creating a company and will be used all the time. The use of these online tools has attracted several people leaving a few people using the agencies that deal with brand design.    

Several individuals and firms do logo design in Kenya. There is a need for companies to have their logos, and this has led to an increase in logo design companies in Kenya.

The top design companies in Kenya include; CreativeKigen, Nextbrain Technologies Pvt Limited, Eazzy labs, Kent Branding, and Design Agencies, Full-service Web and Graphic Design Agency, Kkraft Brand Design, and many others.

These design companies are located in different places in the country and advertise their services to potential clients. The clients will then be charged for the service of having logos designed for them. The companies have different charges for the designs depending on the technicality of designing the logos and the resources used. The qualities of the logos differ depending on the creativity of the designer.

Qualities of a great logo

The simplicity of the logo will make it easier for people to recognize them when they see them. The logos that are simple can easily be remembered by the people.

Logo designers in Kenya should thus ensure simplicity in their logo designs. Simplicity in the design of the logo will make it flexible since the logo can be used in smaller products and larger products. The same might be needed in a website, and hence, simplicity must be enhanced.

The logo should thus be in a position to be scaled up or down and still look good. Complexity in the design of the logo will make it hard for customers to remember the brand, and hence, the image of the company will not be well established to the potential customers.

  • A great logo should have an impact on the customer.

It should give a positive impression to the customer. Logo designers should thus ensure that they achieve this by making sure that the design is appealing to them before they hand over the logo to the client.

When both the designer and the client are impressed by the design of the logo, it will be definite that the customers will also be impressed.

  • A great logo should be able to communicate the product or service of the company.

A logo should be in the position to tell the people what to expect in the company. When a logo is designed without capturing the products of the company, it will be very hard for the customers to know of these products. The logos are normally designed with a picture of the products or services offered by the company.

Logo designers should thus ensure that they design logos to their clients that are relevant to their products and services.

The future of Logo design in Kenya

One issue that faces the logo design companies in Kenya is competition. Many individuals and firms are offering the logo design services, and thus, there is competition for the customers. This makes some of the design companies to lower the charges for the service they offer to the clients.

People who deal with logo design in Kenya will agree that logo design is at its growth stage. This is because with the establishment of businesses, there is a need for the products to have logos, and thus, logo design will continue growing in the future.

Written by Kigen

Written by Kigen

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