How to Grow Your Customer Base with Digital Marketing in Kenya

digital marketing in kenya

Digital marketing in Kenya has become the go-to strategy for business owners looking to grow a customer base affordably & consistently. This can be attested to the increasing number of Kenyan consumers going online since the 2019 pandemic. A strong customer base is crucial, especially to a business owner or a business whose success relies […]

How to Get Started with Business Digital Marketing in Kenya [2023 Guide]

Digital Marketing in Kenya

By now, you probably know that your business needs a strong online presence in Kenya to sell products/services and get its name out there. The 2020 pandemic crisis made most Kenyan customers gradually adapt to the digital world to fulfill their basic requirements. Nowadays, customers get curious and start by learning about the company through […]

15 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed Online in Kenya

Get Your Business Noticed Online in Kenya

79% of Kenyan customers do most of their shopping on the internet ever since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic. Mastercard’s Survey, is the perfect opportunity that presents itself only if you know how to market your business online. Having the best product or service does not necessarily guarantee sales, if you cannot get […]

Online Marketing in Kenya: The Easy Guide for Business Owners in 2023

online marketing in kenya

Do you want to start promoting your business online? Not sure how to do online marketing in Kenya? If that’s the case, cheer up! In this guide, you’re going to find all the digital marketing basics you need to know about creating successful online marketing opportunities for your Kenyan business. Online marketing is what will […]

5 Crazy ways Graphic Designers in Kenya Can Get Along with Digital Marketers.

Graphic Designers in Kenya

In today’s competitive business environment, graphic designers in Kenya has a significant role to play, especially in creating impressive marketing materials. Digital marketing in Kenya has grown in leaps and bounds, but most digital marketers in Kenya have no idea how important graphic design is to their business. Every product or service that is promoted […]

Digital Marketing in Kenya: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

Digital Marketing in Kenya

When it comes to digital marketing in Kenya, you need to be familiar with the latest trends, tools, and techniques. Without them, you will not get optimal value for money from your marketing campaigns. As is the case with other forms of marketing, you need to be aware of various dynamics to create working digital marketing strategies. A […]