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Digital Marketing in Kenya

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Digital Marketing in Kenya

1. Search Marketing

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Digital Marketing in Kenya

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Digital Marketing in Kenya

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Digital Marketing in Kenya

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Digital Marketing in Kenya

6. Bulk SMS

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What is Digital Marketing?

When cooking a meal, you can add a little bit of that, and a tiny bit of this, and still end up having delicious food.

However, when you bake, and you deviate from the recipe, you are more likely to end up with a flop. 

In that regard, digital marketing is like baking. 

If you do not follow the recipe or mix the ingredients in the right way, your potentially amazing cake will fail.

In the process of putting together your digital marketing plan, there are many tools at your disposal to make sure that your online marketing campaigns are a success!

We’ve created an in-depth guide detailing the step by step process of winning Kenyan customers online. 

Digital Marketing in Kenya

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