Digital Marketing in Kenya: The Ultimate Guide (2023)

digital marketing in kenya

What is digital marketing?

To put it in simple terms, digital marketing is anything you do online to get attention, drive people to your website and convince them to buy your product, join your mailing list or download your app. It is the act of selling your products by using online marketing channels like social media, email marketing, and search marketing.

Unlike traditional marketing, it is measurable, which means you can see what’s working and what’s not so that you can focus on certain areas and abandon those not working. It is also less expensive and easy to test.

Imagine if you had to set up a billboard to advertise your products. You wouldn’t know how many people saw it, how many people made a purchase because of the billboard, and it would be very expensive because, in Kenya, you cannot purchase a single billboard.

Digital marketing in Kenya requires you to put your products where the eyeballs are!

This is to say that you should have your products where your customers hang out like in social media, news sites, and blogs as well as online search every time they need something.

Digital marketing helps you interact with your prospects and customers and they are able to see you, learn more about you and ask questions before making purchases or taking any action.

All the digital tactics that you’ll employ are geared towards creating a foundation for your business, that is, attracting prospects, nurturing relationships, and offering your audience value.

In order to succeed in marketing, you need to make the right offer at the right time and in the right place.

How it works

Digital marketing is similar to traditional marketing in many ways. Both require you to develop beneficial relationships with customers and prospects. However, traditional marketing methods are quite expensive and do not have a wide reach like digital marketing. Digital marketing is designed to reach today’s consumers in a personal way and in various channels which make interaction easy.

Due to the advancement in technology, most consumers search the internet first before making any purchase decision.

If a customer is looking for a home or car to buy, they will first search the internet for the available solutions, the options and where to find them.

Based on online reviews, features, prices, and referral from family and friends, you make a buying decision. You will notice that your purchasing decision began online, that is why an online presence is absolutely important for all types and sizes of businesses.

For your digital marketing to work, you need to have your digital marketing strategy in front of your follower and prospects. This is done by using several digital channels where you can create relevant content to keep them informed of the latest developments in the industry and point out their pain-points and how to solve them.

You can also use social media to share the content you created then interact with them as followers and friends.

Another way to use digital channels to engage with your prospects and customers is by using SEO to optimize your content so that it shows up when someone is searching for the information you’ve provided.

Once you have the email addresses of your followers, be sure to use email marketing to make a follow up with your followers to ensure that their issues are addressed.

To build an effective digital marketing plan, you need to consider each of these steps, one at a time.

  • Why you should use digital marketing

A strong online presence will help you in the following ways:

  • It will help you get new customers and convert them into fans who buy frequently.
  • Digital marketing in Kenya is one of the most cost-effective ways to market your business. If you are a small business owner, you’ll understand how hard it is to compete with large businesses for advertising space in the traditional marketing method, due to limited budgets. However, digital marketing is quite affordable and it enables small businesses to get more for their budget.
  • In order to know if your marketing is working, you need to measure your success over a period of time. This is only possible in digital marketing. The analytics available in digital marketing will help you stop guessing if your marketing is working. You can measure your digital marketing campaigns in real time and weed out the tactics that are not working.
  • Unlike traditional marketing where you are not sure if a billboard or a magazine Advertisement will reach the intended customer, digital marketing ensures that your target customers interact with your ad. When you leverage on SEO, you will reach consumers who are combing the web in search of content relevant to your business.
  • When you optimize your content for search engines, you reach buyers who are specifically interested in your products. Keywords that describe your product help you to get more targeted traffic to your website which will increase conversion.
  • Digital marketing in Kenya helps small businesses become competitive by leveling the playing field. This is because digital marketing is quite affordable making all businesses gain online exposure

Developing a Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing begins and ends with a customer value journey or the digital marketing strategy. A digital marketing strategy is the use of online marketing channels to carry out a series of actions which will help you achieve your company goals. A business can have multiple digital strategies with different goals. A strategy is simply a plan of actions which you intend to take in order to achieve a certain goal. Despite its undisputed importance, most companies have not yet adopted a digital marketing strategy.

Today the number of people who access the internet is greater than those who don’t.

A recent statistic shows that internet usage among the adult population has over the three past years increased by 5%. The internet has completely changed how people shop.

Actually, as more and more people are adapting to shopping online, so is offline marketing becoming obsolete. Marketers are fast turning to online advertising as it has proved to be much more viable when compared to offline marketing.

You see, effective marketing is the ability of the marketer to connect with their target audience at the right place and time and the internet has made this real.

Marketers can now meet their target audience where they are. However, for your marketing efforts to bear fruits, you need to have well-laid strategies in place. In this piece, we will look at how, as a marketer, you can develop your digital marketing strategies that work.

But before we delve into that, you first need to understand what digital marketing is as this is ground zero, where everything starts.

Digital marketing asset can be almost anything that a marketer uses to get online.

In other words, this is a marketing tool that one uses to get online. As a marketer, it is vital to get track of what resources you have at your disposal to get online and make the most out of them

Here are just a few.

  • Your Website
  • Branded assets such as logos acronyms and icons
  • Video content
  • Written content
  • Images
  • Online tools and products
  • Social media pages
  • Reviews and much more

Steps to A Powerful Digital Marketing Strategy

1.    Set your objective

Nailing your business mission is the first thing to developing a powerful digital market strategy. You need to define the mission of your business. Your marketing mission must fit into your grand plan.

2.    Set your key performance index

Identify the figures that your business will be held accountable for, and get realistic with the KPIs through analyzing your initial marketing efforts. In the end, you will avoid avoiding your business expectations too high. But before you embark on planning your key performance indicators, first identify the appropriate metrics that matter most to your business.

3. Host webinar and live events

Use a number of digital marketing resources to engage your target audience. Use webinars, online promotion of live events and also podcasts. Streamline the process of event promotion using a third party so that the process runs seamlessly. There are some event technology platforms such as Eventbrite that has for a long time helped brands to create and market their events. The platform also promotes the sale of tickets as well as managing their audience.

4. Make your marketing strategy mobile

Your marketing content might be looking good on a desktop; however, you should strive to translate it through devices. Buyers need cohesion across various platforms. Therefore, if you provide better accessibility for your audience, the more they are likely to make a purchase.


There are many things to consider when coming up with a well thought-through digital marketing strategy that works. Besides identifying your means and sticking to your budget, you also need to make a plan and ’don’t stick to it’. Of cause, if it doesn’t work. Paramount, you need to come up with your digital marketing calendar and review your marketing strategies from time to time. Note the changes that are needed, and within no time, you will be ripping the benefits of your digital marketing strategy.


Developing Content Marketing Strategy

Content marketing is marketing a business or marketing a brand through sharing not only educational but also insightful and entertaining information. The information is expected to help the reader, or your target audience improve their lives, such as changing their behavior or even having them make the decision to purchase a product.

In the same breath, this should not be confused with forcing a sales pitch to your audience but rather aiding them to move closer to the best cause of action, which is to buy your products or services.

Some people also define content marketing as a strategic marketing approach which is focused on creating and further distributing relevant, valuable and consistent content with the aim of attracting and retaining an audience. In the end, this needs to drive profitable client action.

Statistics On Content Marketing

This type of marketing is believed to be up to 62% cheaper compared to outbound marketing. It also generates up to 3 times more leads and results. Again, up to 88% of B2B marketers use this type of marketing as their marketing strategies.

Conversion as a result of content marketing is up to 6 times higher compared to marketers who still hold on traditional marketing.

Websites that use content marketing get up to 7.8 more traffic than those who don’t. With all these and more statistics, you can evidently see that content marketing is not a waste of time.

Therefore, here is what you need to do when developing a content marketing strategy that works not only in Kenya but the whole world.

How To Make Your Content Marketing Strategy Excel

1.    Create impeccable content

Impeccable, or rather flawless content is one that is free from grammar mistake. Also, it should not contain terrible spelling mistakes. This, therefore, entails double checking your content before publishing it on your site or on social media.

You, therefore, need to have an eye for detail to do this. In case you think your ability to create impeccable content is not unmatched, you can outsource it to someone who is good at it. 

Also, you can take advantage of the many editing and proofreading tools on the internet today.

2.    Learn from the pacesetters

If you are doing your content marketing efforts on social media, it is advisable to know the famous players. You can search and learn from top 50 influencers and read on how different they are carrying out their content marketing strategies.

3.    Strike a balance between informative and profitable content

It doesn’t matter whether you are creating content for your blog or site, or even social media, but what stands is that content needs to have a purpose behind it. The key purpose is to inform your readers, but while doing that, you also need to take yourself into consideration.

By this, we mean striking a balance between profitable content, that increases the conversion rate and in the same measure informative.

4.    Redefine your readers using market segmentation

Who are you creating posts or content for? As a marketer, you need to have this clearly defined. Even when you have fresh, or better ideas to serve your target audience with, it is essential to be specific.

Market segmentation is king and unless you use it wisely, you will only hit a snag in your content marketing strategy.

5.    Update your services on social media platforms

Today, there are many competing social media platforms, all of which boast of having so many users. These platforms are the best ones for pushing sales.

As a content manager who’s coming up with a strategy, you need to remember to make these platforms your customer service channel. Huge companies such as Safaricom, Airtel and much more are fast adapting these sites such as Twitter and Facebook to reach their customers and equally solve whatever issues they may have.

Developing a Search Marketing Strategy

In this new-age online landscape, a bigger, or the most significant chunk of your business marketing strategy is digital. Most of the business clients and customers alike, needless to say, the marketer themselves are on the social media itself.

A smart merchant strives to reach their audience, and better still acquire more traffic since it is from your traffic that you get new customers and building loyalty. When on these platforms, you can observe their behaviors since they spend most of their time here. This is being smart.

As the boss of your business, you probably have targets, and one of the most vital targets when pushing your brand online is to get more audience. Therefore these are the firewire ways to increase your online audience cheaply but effectively.

1.    Catchy Premium Content

Ensure you publish consistently. This is not enough since you have to add meat to your content and make it enjoyable. This will drive tons of traffic to your online shop. While according to research, up to 92% of online content marketers believe that blog content is a sure way of driving an audience to their business, only half of this statistic has an established way of producing rich content capable of gaining more traffic. The other half produces poor-quality content that Google itself or other search engines don’t even recognize.

Since your e-shop is all about selling your products and services, don’t rely on these only but you should treat your existing and new customers with more than your products, rich content that will get them glued to the screen and have them come back for more.

Sooner or later they will be knocking at your shop purchasing your products or needing your services. Therefore you should start a blog to give your clients more than what they need. 

Try to do product reviews, give them tutorials, new pieces are also vital, and spice up the blog with informative articles that are engaging consistently. Your audience is looking for content that’s worth something, especially those tailored to influence their purchase decision.

2.    Referral Programs           

Have you ever thought of referral programs as a strategy for acquiring new clients? If not, then you are missing out. This is a hassle-free means of using your existing customers to drive traffic to your online business.

For example, you should have in place a system that lets your customers invite their friends to sign up to your services or buy products from your e-commerce shop, in exchange for premium services.

While they do this, promise and fulfill your promise of incentivizing them whenever they share your products or services with your friends and family through social media and email. Treat your existing customers with free shipping and a myriad of discounts that you can afford. You see, you can offer them free shipping on their future purchases or even offer them credit.

3.    Use Social Media Platforms at Your Disposal

Utilize what you have at hand, and the best tool is social media. It encompasses a host of websites such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, and much more. Customers are here waiting for your ads. These have lower costs than their competitor, Google, which displays adverts for a myriad of businesses.

For example, if you want to get the utmost traffic from your Facebook Ads, you can use acquisition campaigns to get traffic cheaply to content as well as collection pages.

Next, cookie them for remarketing. You can also use dynamic product ads for retargeting your visitors that visit product pages, then add their interested products to cart but do not check out.

Also, you can use carousel ads and show various products from the top selling collection.

Emojis and video content are excellent at capturing attention on social media platforms.

Finally, conduct A/B testing on different ad placement for the best return on investment on what you are spending on your social media marketing campaigns.


With these and so much more strategies, you will sooner get more than you anticipated traffic on your business. Remember, having massive traffic is one thing, and converting them into buyers is another. Nonetheless, it is easier to turn them into buyers, than converting a non-customer into a buyer.

The Digital Channels You Need for Your Business

If you are pushing your brand online, you do not have to be reminded about the effect of marketing it, as well as the firewire ways of marketing that are effortless yet effective.

While marketing is broad and not just an ad in the reputable websites or a shouting billboard in Nairobi CBD, your business depends on it so badly to flourish. As an informed marketer, you do not have to spend a huge budget for a 30 second commercial for your startup, but instead being smart and taking the marketing opportunities presented by the digital marketing channels to push your brand.

What Are Digital Marketing Channels?

Digital marketing channels allows B2B marketers to market and push their brand further using their websites, organic search, social media, paid search, mobile and display search, and so much more.

Digital marketers have a myriad of options and what remains is for them to ask themselves which digital marketing channel they should use, that seems to be far much effective than the rest.

Before you plan a marketing strategy online, you are supposed to understand various channels as well as their merits and demerits. With this information at hand, you can single out one that works best for your business.

Best Digital Marketing Channels to Use for your Business

1.    Digital Ads

Digital adverts are a short-term digital marketing channel you should adopt. Bing Ads and Google AdWords let your business connect with online shoppers and only pay when people click on the ads. You need to understand how to carefully pen down honest and remarkable ads which are consistent with your promises, laid out on your sites landing page. If you are capable of placing a high bid, then you are assured of being ranked high on search engines. Google has it that the click-through rate for a first position site on search engine upon search is 27.7% while an equally placed advert on your desktop browser scores 19.3%.  All these are statistics show that digital advertising is effective in driving prospective customers to your e-commerce store or site.

2.    Mobile in App Advertising

Mobile ad spend is over the recent past grown drastically, and in-app advertising also grown in the same measure too. As a marketer, you can use this channel to get your message out to your audience. You can do it through gaming, images, videos, social media, or blogs. Use the applications to place ads strategically without having to become too much obtrusive or with your users’ consent.

3.    Website and Blog Marketing

Blogs and websites are excellent marketing tools, and today, most established companies and startups are using them today. These digital channels are workhorses for not only communicating with your audience but also selling to your customers and prospective customers. Blogs and company websites need to produce a myriad of content that are answering customers questions. Also, you should ensure to treat your audience to regular blog posts that provide insight news and offers.

Websites and blogs are flexible platforms with multimedia capabilities that allows you to distribute content in several formats. There is a low barrier, if any, to entry and today you need just minimal it skills to make and operate one. They are good at attracting new prospects and engage your existing customers.

4.    Social Media

Take advantage of social media and be sure to have your business always active there. Creating a company profile is absolutely important, whether on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, or Instagram.

Once you build your social presence, you will be surprised by the number of prospective customers you will have to engage with daily.

The number of sales that you will make through these channels are also set to increase. Again, try to make your social media profile rank high as this will gain you a spot in google search engine.

Final thoughts on Digital Marketing in Kenya 

There are many other digital marketing channels that your business needs to adopt, the likes of Search Engine Optimization, email ads, search engine marketing, and more. But first, it is crucial to assess and find out the most appropriate and effective one for your business.

Written by Kigen

Written by Kigen

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