How to Make a Business Invoice in Kenya (with free invoice template)

invoice in Kenya

So you have thought of an awesome business name, legally registered it on eCitizen and gone ahead to set up your business bank account. It’s time to do some work and get paid! So how do you start billing customers? The answer lies on knowing how to prepare a business invoice in Kenya. Learning how […]

How to Get Started with Business Digital Marketing in Kenya [2023 Guide]

Digital Marketing in Kenya

By now, you probably know that your business needs a strong online presence in Kenya to sell products/services and get its name out there. The 2022 pandemic crisis made most Kenyan customers gradually adapt to the digital world to fulfill their basic requirements. Nowadays, customers get curious and start by learning about the company through […]

How to Design an Attractive Business Brand Identity in Kenya for 2022

brand identity in Kenya

As a business person in Kenya, you are up against millions of businesses trying to make a name for themselves. That is why you must create a strong brand that will differentiate you from your competitors. Why should anyone buy your products or services? What makes you stand out? Transforming your business into a premium […]

How to Register a Business Name in Kenya, 8 Step Guide for 2022 

register your business in kenya

Starting a business is a dream for many Kenyans, and part of the process of starting your own side hustle is registering your business name in Kenya. You’ll be joining some of the 100,000 small businesses that are incorporated every year in Kenya, and it’s important to get this step right. Surprisingly, according to statistics, […]

15 Ways to Get Your Business Noticed Online in Kenya

Get Your Business Noticed Online in Kenya

79% of Kenyan customers do most of their shopping on the internet ever since the onset of the COVID 19 pandemic. Mastercard’s Survey, is the perfect opportunity that presents itself only if you know how to market your business online. Having the best product or service does not necessarily guarantee sales, if you cannot get […]

How To Sell Online In Kenya – 2022 Step by Step Guide

sell online in kenya

Why You Should Sell Online In Kenya  Ecommerce in Kenya has come a long way, and most Kenyans have now embraced it. In this new age and era, most businesses are now run online and may never need a physical store. The online space has provided a great opportunity for business owners, both beginners and […]