Low Cost Ways to Find Affordable Web Design in Kenya

affordable web design in kenya

Are you in Kenya and looking for web designer? Well, you can now get an affordable web design in Kenya

to develop your website. Statistics show that an average lifespan of a website  is between 2-3 years due to the continuously evolving digital technologies.

This means that you should continuously update your website to incorporate the inevitable changes, so as to have your website continue being competitive. But developing and maintain a website is not a walk in the park and it’s not everyone that can do it. It’s no wonder then that web design in Kenya is a highly sought-after skill.

If you are just starting your business or are on a low budget, you would most likely be looking for an affordable web design in Kenya. Unfortunately, this is where there is a big challenge because most of the affordable web designers in Kenya are not professional. You see, great web design encompasses the whole procedure that makes a website responsive, beautiful, work smoothly, with great performance, while maintaining a seamless user experience. When looking for affordable web design in Kenya, you should ensure that you are getting all these, and not just mare pages put together.

How to Find a Professional and Affordable Web Designer in Kenya

So how do you ensure that you are getting a professional and affordable web design in Kenya? Kenya has numerous web design firms, a fact that may further complicate your search for an affordable web design in Kenya.

You can get a web designer either through referrals or through the internet. The internet is a large market place where you will get all sorts of designers, which makes it complicated. You can also get poor quality services because you might not quite understand the designer. Referrals are more secure because whoever refers you knows the designer.

Let’s focus on how to leverage the internet for an affordable web designer in Kenya.

The first step is to search on any web browser “affordable web designer in Kenya.” The search engine will return several results spanning many pages. Most people tend to rely on the first page, but it is good to click on the other pages as well. The aim here is to get affordable web design services.

From the search results, create a list of web designers in Kenya who have their rates within your budget. Ensure that the designers that you choose also provide services like copywriting and SEO, otherwise, you will be forced to pay for these services after the website is developed, thereby, increasing the rates. Go through the testimonials and any sample work provided.

Once you have these details, narrow your list to about 3-5 web designers then contact each one of them. You can give them a call or use any other method that they have provided. During this communication, ask for more details of their work, and also the details they will work on on your website. Narrow down your list to one designer who fits perfectly well to your requirements and budget.

How to Work with An Affordable Designer in Kenya

Affordable web design in Kenya is something achievable. All you need to do is to work closely with them to ensure that you get what you want. Take these steps to ensure that you get the best web design.

      1.Bookmark Website Inspiration

You can get an affordable web designer through bidding sites, freelance marketplaces, or find affordable freelance web designers who work independently. The key to working with an affordable web designer in Kenya is to know what you want. You should have an idea of what you expect your website to look like, what it should deliver, and the user experience you want your site visitors to have.

In most cases, your designer will tell you to send over inspiration including links to sites that inspire you. In order to get the most out of this, do not just send the general link. Instead, pick out what specifically inspires you. It could be the font, the layout, mood, color schemes, voice, or calls to action. Remember that a great web design has many moving parts that can attract the attention of the reader. Let your web designer what you like and what you don’t like.

      2.Create A Mock-Up

Instead of leaving everything to your web designer, create a rough mock-up of the design you have in mind. You can go ahead and lay out the main pages in a Google Doc and then let the designer take it up from there. This goes a long way in making your instructions clearer and enhancing your working relationship with your designer. Be thorough in explaining the design you want so that you can have a final result that you love. Remember that you get what you pay for so don’t expect a complex website for few bucks!

      3.Feedback Is Important

Designing your website is a collaborative effort between you and your designer. You need to give your designer prompt and courteous feedback to help him provide you with what you want. Your designer should send you updates at each stage of the design process, for your approval. Ensure that you give honest and specific feedback. This will ensure that the final product is something you are ecstatic about. If something goes wrong, you will not blame the designer entirely, when there was a lack of communication.

      4.Referrals and Testimonials

Working with referrals is a more secure way of getting affordable web design in Kenya. This is because the person referring you will, in most cases, have prior knowledge about the designer, making him/her credible. To get referrals, ask other business owners, family, friends, and customers if they know someone who designs websites.

Once you find a designer that you think you can work with, look through their testimonials and check out other sites they’ve worked on. Check their style and aesthetics to see if it is in line with what you are looking for.

Final thoughts on Finding Affordable Web Design in Kenya

Affordable web design in Kenya is within reach if you follow the above prompts. Strive to work with a web designer who understands different types of websites and their purpose. This way, you will be able to get a website that excites you and draws the reader to your business.

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Written by Kigen

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