10 Best Ways to Promote Your New Business Website in Kenya

Business Website in Kenya

Congrats on launching your new Business Website in Kenya — now you’re ready to get your name and brand out there and then attract potential customers (If you’re still looking to build a site, Claim a FREE Homepage Mockup of your new website before you pay for anything.)

The following article will walk you through the 10 Best Ways to Promote Your New Business Website in Kenya.

1.   Prioritize on SEO

After launching your business website in Kenya, you will not sit back and wait for customers to find you. You have to get your website in front of the people who need your services or products. One of the best ways to do this is through SEO. Did you know that over 90% of all web searches start from Google? This is the main way through which most people find the websites they visit.

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Getting your website to show up on search engines is one of the best ways of making it easily discoverable. You can do this through Search Engine Optimization, which requires you to do various tasks repeatedly. These activities include:

  • Identifying the people you want to reach through audience research.
  • Learning the topics and terms that your audience is interested in through keyword research.
  • Optimizing your site pages for your target keywords.
  • Website and content promotion to get more visitors and attention.
  • Increasing your website’s authority through link building.

Although SEO is competitive and requires you to put in a lot of work, it is one of the most valuable tactics to make your website more visible online.

The truth is that SEO can be quite intimidating, especially when getting started. If you know that you need SEO and don’t quite know where to start, Creative Kigen is here to help. We will create SEO optimized content for your website pages to help you rank higher on search engines and become easily discoverable.

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2.   Setup Your Google My Business Page

Placing your business on Google my business increases your chances of appearing on search engine results. People visiting this directory’s website will find you easily and contact your business. Google My Business is very helpful for local businesses as it allows you to post your business’ images and show customer reviews.

Business Website in Kenya

 Setting up a Google My Business account will keep your customers informed about your business because you will include your contact information, business hours, and other details. You will also create credibility for your business and boost customer confidence. People tend to trust a business on Google My Business, and trust is a key factor when it comes to purchasing decisions.

To set up your Google My Business profile, follow these steps:

  • Step 1: Go to Google My Business’s official website and sign in if you have an existing account. If not, sign up using your business email domain or a preexisting Google account.
  • Step 2: Add your business name. Check if it appears on the drop-down menu, and if it doesn’t, click “Add your business to Google.” Select the appropriate category for your business.
  • Step 3: Add your location. You will be asked if you have a physical location where customers can visit. Select “Yes,” then add your address. You will also be asked to position a marker on a map for the location. If your business does not have a physical location but offers service or location, you will be asked to list your service area.
  • Step 4: Enter your contact information, including your address and business phone number, where customers can reach you. If you do not have a website but use a Facebook page, put that instead.

Step 5: Once you’ve filled out all the details click “Yes” to receive updates and notifications. When done, click “Finish.” You will be required to verify your business. You can verify your business via phone, email, or postcard by mail.

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3.  Start a Blog

A blog will help you get your website name through to your customers and connect with them directly. Creating high-value content on your website will give people more reasons to visit. Starting a blog is a great way of boosting SEO. It will also help you establish yourself as an authority in your area of expertise and improve your conversion rate.

Business Website in Kenya

Writing blogs requires in-depth research of your market, which will broaden your knowledge and professional skills. If blogging is totally not your thing, you can hire a content writer to create blog posts for you. To write blog posts that convert, consider these tips:

  • Research and find out who your audience is and what they are looking for.
  • Write compelling headlines that are SEO-friendly and most clickable.
  • Format your blog posts to include subheadings and shorter paragraphs.
  • Make it easy for people to skim through by including bullet points and clear Call to Actions (CTA).
  • Set up an Exit-Intent campaign, which detects when a visitor is leaving your website and displays a pop-up.

Following these tips will help you write great blog posts which will attract potential customers to your website.

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4. Try Guest Blogging

Guest blogging is creating content on other relevant websites to promote your brand. It is a great content marketing and SEO technique that helps you to expand your reach and gain quality leads. Writing for other websites gives you a chance to reach a new and bigger audience.

Many websites will accept guest blog posts because it means free content for them. You will gain from guest blogging by building quality links and driving new visitors to your website. To get the most out of your guest blogging, be strategic and follow these tips:

  • When looking for websites to guest post, choose the ones that cover similar or related topics to yours. Ensure that their audience overlaps with what you’re trying to reach.
  • Consider pitching websites that have a large and dedicated audience.
  • Study the website first before pitching to know their audience and the type of posts that perform well.
  • Ensure that your guest post has relevant links back to your website, especially the link in your bio.
  • Write high-quality guest posts to give your new audience a good impression.

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5. Promote your site on social media

Social media is a great place to promote your business website in Kenya. It is easy to set up a business Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram accounts and create posts that link back to your website. You can also use these accounts to showcase your products or services through images and videos. Be creative in how you implement your visual content on social media. You can decide to do It yourself with Canva or hire a professional social media graphic designer to get the job done.

Creating business social media accounts go a long way in developing great relationships with potential customers. You get to interact directly with your audience, which leads to the fast growth of your audience.

Instagram and Pinterest are highly visual and the best social platforms to post visually stimulating content. If your business is B2B, then consider setting up a LinkedIn account.

Social media is a very powerful way of promoting your website. Your readers get to promote your posts within the community. If they like your posts, they will share them with their friends and followers and help you reach a wider audience. Regardless of the social media channel you choose to promote your website, there are some things to keep in mind:

  • Every channel does not need the same approach. Tailor your message to the particular channel you are posting to.
  • Focus on promoting the content rather than the general website. Drive your audience to the pages that contain helpful content.

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6. Invest in Google Ads

Google Ads can be a valuable source of the traffic to your website. Google AdWords is an online form of advertising like Pay Per Click, where you are required to pay a fee every time your ad is clicked. Your adverts are posted on search engine results and the participating publisher’s websites. This helps them to be seen by potential customers. These publishers ensure that only the relevant people can see your ads, and you only pay if they click on the advert.

Business Website in Kenya

Although this is an excellent way of sending clients to your website, it can be very costly. Many businesses like to use this method, making it quite competitive, and you may end up paying a lot of money per click to get the best-placed adverts. It would be best if you considered the overall ROI before committing your money. However, in most cases, the profits outweigh the cost, which is why many companies still prefer to use it.

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7. Don’t Neglect Email Marketing

Once your potential clients visit your website and sign up for your email list, you need to keep on giving them more reasons to come back to your website. These are the people who have already visited your website and liked your content or something from your business. These are the people who are easy to convert into paying clients.

Business Website in Kenya

To build an email list, you need to look for places on your website that will encourage people to sign up for your email list. This could be a high-value piece of content like an e-book or a course that a visitor will be required to fill a form, providing details like email addresses to access it. You can use these emails to drive people back to your website every time you have new content or new deals and products.

To succeed in email marketing, you need to be consistent in sending the emails. Ensure that the emails are very valuable and entertaining and avoid being salesy. You can start your email marketing with the free version of the software you choose because most of them come with this option. However, you may need to upgrade to a paid version as your list grows.

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8. Update your Email Signature 

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Your email signature can be a powerful tool that can serve as an online business card. It gives you an opportunity to send a branded message every time and reinforce who you are. You can include a link to your homepage or a specific landing page that you want people to see first. Every time you send out an email, you give people a chance to see your website, and if interested, they may click to visit and learn more.

Your email signature can also include your social media profiles to help people learn more about you. It should also include your name, designation, and your phone number. The texts and links should be minimal to avoid disruption.

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9. Put your Web Address on Paper

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To drive more traffic to your business website in Kenya, put your web address on every piece of paper that you give out, whether it is a till receipt, a letter, a flyer, or any other piece of communication. Create promotional materials that will get people to visit your website. For example, if you are packaging goods for delivery, put cards on the packaging with links to your website.

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10. Put Your Web Address on Display 

You want to get your website address to be seen by numerous people. The best way to do this is to ensure that it is on display in as many places as possible. According to your type of business, you can display it on t-shirts, cards, balloons, van door stickers, key rings, shop window stickers, pens and pencils, back of bus adverts, shop signs, plastic and paper bag printing, mugs, and more. The list is endless.

These are great methods with a high potential of generating traffic to your business website in Kenya. They put your website address out there and will be seen by numerous people reminding them of the existence of your business.

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Final thoughts on Ways to Promote Your Business Website in Kenya

You made it all the way to the end. Give yourself a pat on the back. 🙌

We’ve worked with hundreds of clients in the past to help double their customer base all through the above outlined best practices. And now, we’ll do the same for you!

Contact us today to get a specialized marketing campaign strategy for your Business Website in Kenya!


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